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Character designs
Wardens - The lost Legacy

Enemy character concept arts for the game Wardens: The Lost Legacy, by Elemental Game Studio


The game has a linear story in an open world, divided in levels, which stars Daniel Blake, an unsuccessful detective from the 1950s. Involved in a mysterious case, he is transported to an incredible fantasy world called Aztlan, where steam engines, magic and ancient civilizations coexist.


The world of Aztlan is filled with fantastical creatures, known on Earth only through myth and folklore. Each has unique abilities, ingenious ways to attack prey, and, of course, weaknesses. A Warden's role is to know his opponents, to protect humanity and ensure the balance of the Planes.


These creatures inhabit the area inspired by south-american Gaucho culture and indigenous myths. The objective was to recreate the monsters and cryptids from the folklore with a touch of grittyness and danger in the game's cartoony style, bringing these often overlooked stories to a modern hack-and-slash action game context. 

Creative process (click to enlarge)

Game Trailer 2


Game Trailer 1

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